The Baltic Sea

This is the result of some of my childhood memories. A depiction of happy, sunny summers, cool sea baths, sun-warm cliffs, and itchy mosquito bites. This is also a painful awakening, an insight into how our lifestyle is about to destroy our environment. I have inherited a small, small piece of a small, small island in the Baltic Sea. Here is a simple house, there is no electricity, nor any running water. I have spent all my summers here. It is unbelievably beautiful. My feet know every part of the rocks. I know the exact smell of the pines after a long day in the sun and I also know what it sounds like when thunder passes across the bay. This is my place on earth. I have inherited it and when I die, I will leave it on to my children. But what do they inherit? A small barren cliff in the world’s most polluted sea?